Gojira - Born For One Thing [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
New album 'Fortitude' available April 30.
Pre-order: gojira.lnk.to/fortitude
Written & Directed by Charles De Meyer
Cinematography by Maximiliaan Dierickx
Produced by Octopods - Joao Vinhas & Benjamin Honoré

First assistant camera: Daniel Foeldes
Steadicam operator: Sven Joukes
First assistant director: Sebastian Vrijdaghs
Costume designer: Andrea De Keyzer
Editor & FX supervisor: Charles De Meyer
Colorist: Ducan Russel & Maximiliaan Dierickx
Gaffer: Florent Bagard
Electricians: Angel Paredes & Vincent Nouguier
Key grip: Gilles Lacroix & Unai Duhalde
Grip: Aitz Amilibia & Andde Carrere
Make up artist: Daphné Durieux
Location manager: Jean Louis Decoster
Production assistant: Elodie Marchal
Monitoring engineer; Sebastien Roblin
Additional grooming: Paolo De Luca
On-set Photography; Anne Deguéhégny & Gabrielle Duplantier
Catering; Mirelen & Aize Duhalde
Hdri photography: Olivier Sipesaque

Guard: Steve Driesen
Dealer: John-John Mossoux

Shapeshifter (in order of appearance)
Old man: Marcel Vandericken
Young girl: Lou Lambrecht
Man in hoodie: Edson Anibal
Bourgeois Woman: Julie Basecq
Young boy: Sacha Pirlet
Man in suit: Mohit Mathur
Rave girl: Yipoon Chiem
Biker: Olivier Sipesaque
Mortal, spawn on the altar
Caught in the heart of the blaze
The primal fear of disappearing
Becoming a ghost in the void
Give a price, put a name
None of it real in this matter
Wandering, distracting,
Wishing the life of another self
We were born for one thing
Tame the greatest fear of all
We were born for one thing
Born to face the greatest fear of all
We’re all drawn into ourselves
In a collective coma
Remember gazing up for answers But now we’re staring down
All is blur in the maze we put an end to all
We were born for one thing
Tame the greatest fear of all
We were born for one thing
Born to face the greatest fear of all
We’re no one
When we’re gone
Music and Lyrics by Gojira
Produced by Joe Duplantier
Mixed by Andy Wallace

  • Derek Lopez
    Derek Lopez

    I just started getting into Gojira, more of a heavier guy. I gotta say this drummer is something special, with phenomenal timing, and off-beat drumming.

  • Dwayne Williams
    Dwayne Williams

    Love this band. They are like a breath of fresh air. Killer in your face

  • Ursan

    That breakdown with harmonics at the end is the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Jean Bailey
    Jean Bailey

    Gotta be a tribute to Course of Empire's "Infested" in that opening...

  • Fernando Lujan
    Fernando Lujan

    estos tipos si que encontraron la nota marron 🤘

  • CFH

    Had to come back to this song after listening to the new song Into The Storm, this one is so much better.

  • Erick Lisboa
    Erick Lisboa

    Ride, Mario e sua banda!

  • Sina. D
    Sina. D


  • 1428mediainctv

    Cinematography perfection!

  • ok

    Video directed by a simp

  • Anna Leslie Resendiz
    Anna Leslie Resendiz

    F**K the Grammy Awards! Gojira should have won atleast 🏆 one! ➕ anyone notice they exclude ROCK genre and will not add more categories!?!?!

  • HinjuRock

    War for territory.

  • D Owens
    D Owens

    I remember when metal bands had great singers and great lead guitarists.

    • D Owens
      D Owens

      @Lewis Griffiths Not really. Singers like this dude mostly just growl and scream and have limited vocal ranges compared to legendary metal singers like Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate and even Ozzy. And the lead guitar is also lacking.

    • Lewis Griffiths
      Lewis Griffiths

      They still do.

  • Le Beurrichon
    Le Beurrichon

    Rhooo les mecs, vous me régalez toujours autant, et ça depuis 2003 :-) J'apprécie toujours autant le son et énormément les paroles toujours humanistes ou parlant de mère nature, des vibes dont on a bien besoin :-) Bravoooo GojiraaaaAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • Michaël Franz
    Michaël Franz

    4:07 what a good good break! BRAVO !

  • ds r
    ds r


  • Christian Gonzalez
    Christian Gonzalez

    Phenomenal! That ending tho... 😩😩😩 love it!!

  • pumper gaucho
    pumper gaucho

    Outro sounds like one part of Never The Machine Forever by Soundgarden imo

  • Олег Купреев
    Олег Купреев

    Хорошая вещь родилась ))

  • sofanova

    crucificados pelo sistema!

  • Greg Dangreaux
    Greg Dangreaux

    Not a negative comment, just surprised that most medias don 't mention the Sepultura sound of this great song.

  • Greg Dangreaux
    Greg Dangreaux

    Great band, live and on album. But thanks to them for releasing a new Sepultura album.

  • Science of Logic TV
    Science of Logic TV

    Great synergy between music and imagery.

  • edgelord

    You know, I'm not surprised that JM switching to a Dingwall was the only way we'd ever hear mixes with audible bass.

  • Adrian Ozuna
    Adrian Ozuna

    Jean-Michael has always been so underrated. I'm happy to see people are finally recognizing his work as a bass player!

  • osvaldo objio
    osvaldo objio

    Not a dull moment ever. So much in this tune to listen to.

  • osvaldo objio
    osvaldo objio

    This is pure musical artillery. I love it

  • sYnchr0

    That bass line is Thicc.

  • Beggar Wall
    Beggar Wall

    Anybody know what the video is about?


    that fill (?) at 2:08 will never not be ridiculous. Is it a shuffle? idek

  • david revuz
    david revuz

    une fois de plus c'est une réussite totale bravo à vous et au travail effectué

  • Muhammad Kenken
    Muhammad Kenken

    Pure sick immortal.

  • Jacoby Burns
    Jacoby Burns

    Jesus this band is awesome. I realize why France played so great of a role in the founding of the United States. Que Dieu benisse la France!!!

    • Teekzie Du 21
      Teekzie Du 21

      I am french 🇲🇫🇲🇫🇲🇫

  • littlefury

    I think I spotted a Blade Runner reference in the video. It's at the 4:09 minute mark when the fugitive turns into a woman wearing a transparent vinyl coat, running away for her life, like the replicant played by Johanna Cassidy (ZHORA) when chased by Rick Deckard.

  • Lianna Teruel Serret
    Lianna Teruel Serret

    este tema esta de puta madre guys!!!!

  • cav

    1:51 Does it sound like Pantera?

  • Kris Machado
    Kris Machado

    A W E S O M E

  • johanplush3

    Too good

  • Sherap Djazz
    Sherap Djazz

    Every Tune Hits You Hard😇

  • conz1012


  • Emre Zafrak
    Emre Zafrak

    20 days to go

  • Srag

    Hello police? I'd like to report a fucking massacre breakdown

  • MrAtomicDon

    Makes me proud to be French. GOJIRA! 🤟🤘💗

  • Ethan Tzanos
    Ethan Tzanos

    This song is so baddass, that’s all I’m gonna say well done👍👍👍👌👌👌

    • Teekzie Du 21
      Teekzie Du 21


  • Toni Sardelic
    Toni Sardelic

    check TS

  • David Barretto
    David Barretto

    Worst part of this song is at 5:05 when it ends....

  • Ilse

    2:57 - 2:58 one second to love Maio and his energy

  • Bonés Top
    Bonés Top

    Quem aqui no Brasil gosta de Rock Pesado, comenta aqui


    one of gojiras best songs for SURE

    • CFH

      Best song of the four new ones they released, yes. Goddamn the new song (into the storm) is not good at all.

    • william johansson
      william johansson

      It's a good song, but not close to one of "the best". They have so many albums that not enough people have heard. I think 90% of "TWOAF" songs are better than this, by a lot.

  • Honey Hani
    Honey Hani

    Great video...music is amazing! Gojira is one of a kind ♥️

  • Alba Ramos
    Alba Ramos

    Mucha influencia del Chaos AD 93' de la banda cuyo nombre comienza con "S" y termina con "A" 🤣😂

    • littlefury

      They are huge Sepultura fans, and it shows.

  • Sylvain Bergeron
    Sylvain Bergeron

    What an "à propos" song ....so good!...Merci les cousins!

  • Dragon Soup Gaming
    Dragon Soup Gaming

    The friggin bass makes a certain part of my body grow a little

  • Teekzie Du 21
    Teekzie Du 21

    C'est des français 🇲🇫

  • capn cook
    capn cook

    my neighbors approved that this is a great song

  • AlienRider TV
    AlienRider TV

    i let my kitten listen to this , it turned into a Tiger

  • Darren Gee
    Darren Gee

    This band puts on a clinic every time they get behind their instruments

    • Marc Powell
      Marc Powell

      Damn right they do! Outstanding musicianship!

  • Jessica Schief
    Jessica Schief

    So sad... I'll always love your old music. Good luck with this new style, I hate it. 👎

  • Amélie Méliemelo
    Amélie Méliemelo


  • Thomas Gardner
    Thomas Gardner

    Who is the guy with the shirt on playing the drums?

    • Johnny Axon
      Johnny Axon


  • Phooie 2112
    Phooie 2112

    Gojira is an experience

  • Roman Shepley
    Roman Shepley

    I swear most of the views are just me watching it on repeat since its been released. What an absolute banger

  • Arman Tosun
    Arman Tosun

    ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

  • Violeta

    Few things make me happier than to see a drummer who uses a double kick setup!

  • paenutz

    might live in a mansion, but the world of business is eternally chasing you, no matter who you are? xd it especially chases down nature

  • d

    why is this my first time hearing them??? Excuse me as I dive headfirst into this rabbit hole

    • Lucas Saueressig
      Lucas Saueressig

      welcome my friend. you have a long wayahed

  • Vinn Regi
    Vinn Regi

    This is groovy as hell! Love it!

  • Julien Cochet
    Julien Cochet

    The like buton is not enough

  • Flávio Wolff
    Flávio Wolff

    Derrick Green?

    • Lucas Saueressig
      Lucas Saueressig

      your mom?

  • hasibul hasan
    hasibul hasan


  • bananaempijama

    1:26 Goddamn sounds like Fucking SLAAAAYYYEEEEEERRRRRRRRR

  • Rhizzome

    That Carcass riff tho

  • Dewbahka

    Oh man I don't think there is a more a amassing thing to hear, I made a baby to this song.

    • Lucas Saueressig
      Lucas Saueressig

      a hell of a great baby for Suse

  • Fuchry Gojira
    Fuchry Gojira


  • Dave B.
    Dave B.

    This is what Metal music needs now! A shot in the arm or a kick in your pants.

  • Jamie Dodd
    Jamie Dodd

    Cracking song, but OOF, Carcass want that riff back at 1:30...

    • Jamie Dodd
      Jamie Dodd

      @DemonGuysaysHi fishows.info/post/csegjLzOZHi91Nk/videot.html 0:35

    • DemonGuysaysHi

      which carcass song?

  • Latające Noże
    Latające Noże

    MARIO!! Teach me Master!!

  • moze ens
    moze ens

    2:36 awsome!!!!

  • torg

    this fucking bangs

  • Mik Angel
    Mik Angel

    La partie basse est vraiment intéressante je trouve

  • Eddie Toruno
    Eddie Toruno


  • Zed Pokermann
    Zed Pokermann

    Born to hear 4:24

  • Neil Sangte
    Neil Sangte


  • d g
    d g

    Love both this song and video. I could not support jacobins back in the day because i sensed more chaos than community to change things in a way to live peacefully. Besides, i was focused on how life could progress on a "new continent." The conflicts continue to follow, if one does nothing. Time for this cook to make a dinner. ✌

  • жора кривой
    жора кривой

    какая же все-таки ОхуИТЕЛЬНАЯ команда.!!!!!

  • Hawking Hole
    Hawking Hole

    Born for one thing and it's fucking disgusting ~ feminists, probably

  • M C
    M C

    love it!


    Some of the tightest rhythm I've ever heard. Loving it!

  • Maxwell Gallacher
    Maxwell Gallacher

    Just started to listen to these guys. Love the drummers skill.

    • Lucas Saueressig
      Lucas Saueressig

      check out early duplantier's stuff

  • Jonas Sanders
    Jonas Sanders

    Cannot wait for that album! Awesome place to film a video btw!

  • Asymmetry Media
    Asymmetry Media

    Ayyy that's the Africa museum in Belgium.

  • Pashtette

    Oh how I miss The Way of All Flesh and L'Enfant Sauvage days.

    • Lucas Saueressig
      Lucas Saueressig


  • Jérome Bastin
    Jérome Bastin

    The end is a ripoff of Lethargica 😡🥱

  • Drummer 75
    Drummer 75

    Magma Part 2, which is fine by me ;o)

  • Ioana Zamfirache
    Ioana Zamfirache

    This is genious !!! Love everything about it.

  • Miguel Portugal
    Miguel Portugal

    Cada vez melhor esse gojira. 🤘🤘 bota que tem.

  • rypousek

    Gojira took large inspiration from SEPULTURA!!! Many motives are total Sepultura style and some melodies are the same!!!

  • Spud Magnum
    Spud Magnum

    Man I love watching the haters on the r/metal subreddit try to come up with excuses to hate this badassery. This shit is so fucking awesome

    • Silvera

      r/dankmetalmemes is worst

  • FinGamer678

    Wtf this is already a month old?!?

  • Test Test
    Test Test

    Please give it a try fishows.info/post/nrd9kr2XeJzAx7M/videot.html

    • FinGamer678

      Why would you comment like a psychedelic pop song on a metal video?

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