Kris Jenner Gives Emma "Mom Energy" For Her First Met | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue
Kris Jenner talks to Emma Chamberlain about her mix-and-match American Met look, and gives Emma some advice on her first Met Gala.

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Kris Jenner Gives Emma "Mom Energy" For Her First Met | Met Gala 2021 With Emma Chamberlain | Vogue

  • Julie Srail
    Julie Srail

    Women helping women, love to see it ladies :)

  • JJ Magnificent
    JJ Magnificent

    Emma is amazing

  • Commentator541

    WHAT IS THIS??? She really looks like a server and not a guest. At least put on some jewelry. If you google “pedestrian“ this outfit will come up.

  • AVTPro

    She got nice 1's 2. ❤️💯

  • Courtney Fleischman
    Courtney Fleischman

    Aww that was a really sweet interaction.

  • AbbyRavenclaw

    I like kris actually

  • B.D.Z.

    So nobody caught that shade... Oh okay maybe I'm trippin

  • D R
    D R

    i feel like kris is so easy to talk to & u honestly wouldn’t expect that

  • heyitsnayaa Arok
    heyitsnayaa Arok

    Lol American themed but used all European designers 😂😂

  • Dee Gomez
    Dee Gomez


  • Jasmine Arceo
    Jasmine Arceo

    I miss Liza

  • iKookieMonster

    a legend

  • sanaa hanaa
    sanaa hanaa

    Americans talk so weird.. all these people have that valley accent. Like om gaawwdd thankayoeuuu

  • Francoise Lemeur
    Francoise Lemeur

    Master witch...what a fake

  • Candice Olvera
    Candice Olvera

    new looks and styles- wears black blazer

  • Lana Rabah
    Lana Rabah

    Mom ?!??! 🤮

  • Mave

    Not gonna lie....I wish Kris were my mom. She's so sweet and does everything for her family.

  • Jack Farnan
    Jack Farnan

    That’s not kris Jenner

  • Inez V
    Inez V

    Wouldn't we all want Kris Jenner to be our mom? I would love her business and marketing brain to help me become a billionaire for sure 😂 Kris and Emma look like a dream team, both so calm and nice

  • Hi-meh

    What a shallow world

  • Very Bad
    Very Bad

    Emma told every person she interviewed that they were “the best”. She’s sweet but insincere and has no depth. Liza has way more personality.

  • Alannah Reynolds
    Alannah Reynolds

    Aw. I love them

  • katrissh

    That was so comforting to watch!!

  • Allora

    A mother that has a billionaire daughters

  • Jackie Lowrey
    Jackie Lowrey

    Kris is gorgeous

  • dazed brat
    dazed brat

    kris jenner is so sweet she really is such a nice woman

  • Crescent City Tarot
    Crescent City Tarot

    Momma Kris coming through looking gorgeous and sounding grounded.

  • flyinglittleducks

    Who’s Emma?

  • Luke Huntley
    Luke Huntley

    I love like the chemistry between Emma and the guests

  • Karlo Yap
    Karlo Yap



    you are hilarious and kris was stunning

  • Ruby Ruby
    Ruby Ruby

    Freedom to explore ,regarding fashion ,you need money.

  • Elisa Burai
    Elisa Burai

    Omg what happened to her face!

  • Alison Aus2
    Alison Aus2

    Love Kris. No more Cheek Fillers !

  • Marietta I
    Marietta I

    Awww 🤗 Kris’ energy is the best.

  • Kiki Info
    Kiki Info

    You did it dear emm... Love you...

  • Yasamin

    That's the worst thing I've ever heard an interviewer say to somebody

  • Divine Guidance @ Willing Spirits
    Divine Guidance @ Willing Spirits

    Projector mum vibes :)


    did anyone else think kris Jenner's voice sounded a lil funnY?

  • brendan watt
    brendan watt

    What’s up with her cheekbones.....

  • Paige Lauryn
    Paige Lauryn

    Kris looks amazing, HOWEVER.. the way she licks her lips is disturbing my soul....

  • Fluxspiel

    looks like real life witch.

  • M F Q
    M F Q

    Kris Jenner looks great.

  • Dolly

    Ok so why is everyone proud of Emma? Who is she lol

  • Madelyn S
    Madelyn S

    i LOVE kris jenner.

  • Macky Velo
    Macky Velo

    Kris Jenner : Im just covering my basics , kween

  • Nissi Vlogs
    Nissi Vlogs

    A reminder the God loves you and Jesus died for your sins 💓💓

  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson

    Good god her face

  • Rawoonah2cool

    wow Kris Jenner is sooooo comforting

  • L94

    the business mom👑

  • Official Teacher Emil
    Official Teacher Emil

    Sorry, after seeing Liza Koshy, this seems less... Exciting. But everyone's different.


    I want to speak with her

  • candy floss
    candy floss

    kris sounds different

  • elena hernandez
    elena hernandez

    OMG EMMA 💖💖🙌🏽😭

  • o s
    o s

    so yall just gonna act like theres not a "pAnDeMiC" we are in????? so that these celebrities can go to their precious met gala ????????? yall stupid asf

  • Aanya P
    Aanya P

    in the beginning she resembled khloe so much

  • S Hawk
    S Hawk

    Kris just looked like she was going to the office

  • Vik Voltaire
    Vik Voltaire

    I didn't think Kris was going to the Met but she looks nice.

  • Andy

    This woman doesn’t age!!!

  • Alex Kess
    Alex Kess

    Emma. 🥺❤️

  • Axeel Jeremias
    Axeel Jeremias

    Ciproshow tu próxima joyita xdd

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    freedom to explore

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    freedom to expolore

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    gloves hhhhhhhhaahhhhaaahhhhaaa

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    product whole whole whole hhhhaaaahhhaaaahhhaaahhaaha

  • BeYours Beauty
    BeYours Beauty

    covering all absee hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhahahah $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • LNXE Y
    LNXE Y

    I just love her.

  • LNXE Y
    LNXE Y

    Ah its so sad to see kris getting older😔 i love that mother. And shes always gunn be 50 in my mind:)

  • Nia B
    Nia B

    “ you get the freedom to mix and match” girl WHAT made u think u can’t wear 2 designer items at once without getting arrested.. emmas american was showing

  • Mia Roberts
    Mia Roberts

    god i love kris jenner she’s so unnecessarily funny for no reason

  • sagittariussz

    i'll be filing reports, every form of spam, hatred, unnecessary emails & every form of abuse & every piece of hate towards the met gala, if she isn't there next year xx

  • Carolina Portela
    Carolina Portela

    vogue you absolutely nailed it by inviting emma for this, the interviews are so fun to watch and i cant stop laughing because of how relatable she is. "thaaat is my mom tonight." AMEN

  • Nora Kelmendi
    Nora Kelmendi

    No one: Emma to everyone: ITS MY FIRST MET

  • Stephanie Gamez
    Stephanie Gamez

    It’s awesome how comfortable Emma can carry on a conversation.

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive

    Emma is doing a great job. Total professional

  • Weallstan Rose
    Weallstan Rose

    Emma deserves it

  • Lynn

    Emma: "Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry."

  • Beep.

    She really looks like khloe there

  • Alejandra María Mora- YouTuber
    Alejandra María Mora- YouTuber

    *Kris is the best!*

  • A. Jung
    A. Jung

    Not her first Met tho...

  • N

    She its such a mother, how she makes her feel safe

  • Naomi G
    Naomi G

    Kris looks so much like Khloe here


    Emma saying about Kris being mom for the night…I felt that. Aww🥰


    Tom Ford > WONDERFUL

  • Carys Jones
    Carys Jones

    Why does everyone say its nerve racking being there tho? Arnt they used to pictures and interviews? Love u emma & kris

  • michael yucon
    michael yucon

    What she’s not wearing is a mask in fact looks like no one is hypocritical New York.

  • Mary Barger
    Mary Barger

    Head clown 🤡 🤣

  • Charlie Ytube
    Charlie Ytube

    Why did this make me tear up 💀🥺

  • BaileySims


  • comrade leppi
    comrade leppi

    "That's my mom tonight" Lol I laughed at it and it was cute.

  • sadie young
    sadie young

    The eye contact

  • Blair 💖
    Blair 💖

    That look Kris Jenner is giving Emma is like a Parent speaking to the top student in the school hahaaha 🤣🤣🤣🔥

  • Zeuses Coven
    Zeuses Coven

    Kris Jenner always wears the worst clothes at red carpets.

  • Jess Ramirez
    Jess Ramirez

    It’s so weird how people say “We’re wearing…”. Do you have multiple personalities?

  • Rejoice

    i lovr emma. shes awesomeeee

  • Deesters Vega
    Deesters Vega