Reacting to Linus react to my PC Build TRAINWRECK!
Linus Tech Tips video:
xQcOW reacts to Linus Tech Tips reacting to his fail PC building stream!
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xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 25 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.
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  • Renegade

    Get the JUICE Jimmy xQc is about to fuck up again.

  • BakedZeiTi

    A reaction to a reaction. Incredible lol

  • MrM

    linus is adorable for thinking about RAID on a gaming pc. lol

  • Mr. DickButt
    Mr. DickButt

    When he said "Ooooo wiiiiirrree" lol I havent laughed in a long time man thanks for that

  • TP

    You have less subscribers than him he’s the bigger channel

    • Polar

      xqc is much more popular on Twitch

  • Joseph Matthew
    Joseph Matthew

    why is this dude famous? streaming???? he barely said anything the whole video... boring as fuck...

  • Brodie Jenkins
    Brodie Jenkins

    I wonder if self reflection is ever a thing with xqc ? Lol. God i hope so.

  • Rolando J Escobar Jr
    Rolando J Escobar Jr

    Okay, this is my first time watching this guy and I now understand why he talked to the tech you tubers, master marketing, he knows if he talks to Linus he will review it. Hear me out, thus making more views and his name out there. BIG BRAIN 🧠 BOYS!

  • Raw B Gamez
    Raw B Gamez

    Why was this so entertaining to watch? 😂😂

  • PabloV99

    0:00 Who is XCPC?

  • shake4parkinsons

    farmed by boomer kekw

  • Tea -Kun
    Tea -Kun

    This does hurt my brain .-.

  • Vassari99

    New to your channel, saw you playing chess and now on LTT. You have really bad ADHD right? xD

  • Chirag Bokolia
    Chirag Bokolia

    It's like he received the answer sheet and report card for a test.

  • retrosashia

    xqc literally went COOL at the sight of a sponsor when most people just reach for the L key

  • John Greenaway
    John Greenaway

    whats the current situation with this pc build then?

  • Dane


  • Voldorac

    "X-bolting", "Juicers" ... wut?!

  • Ahmad Fodeh
    Ahmad Fodeh

    This clown should apologize to LS

    • kfrvrggr ktfdd
      kfrvrggr ktfdd

      stay mad

  • Dislob3

    I know a lot of young people that are trying to know and understand themselves better are watching Xqc. Hes a "special character" because of his ADHD. But I bet a lot of his viewers can relate to him. I think it is a good opportunity to invite people to learn more about the subject. Often people with different cogntive delevopement (ADHD / autism) are bullied because they are different. They might feel rejected. This often has the long term effect to develop some social anxiety for the individuals like Xqc. Anxiety is something we all feel but some people can be completly overwhelmed by it and that most often leads to isolation because of the fear of rejection that comes with it. I genuinly invite those who can relate to what I am describing to just go read about it. Just Google social anxiety, ADHD, autism. It will be sacry to read about it at first when you realise you might be affected by one of the conditions. You might want to ignore it and go back to playing games or watching videos but the only way to get rid of it and eventually feel better is to first understand that you have it and that you must do something about it. It is not a problem for everyone but it can be for a lot of people. Some people live in denial all their life and it is heartbreaking to see. They dont want to accept that they are suffering and convince themselves that its not their fault. That they are not wrong. Dont live in denial. Allow yourself to blossom and become a mentally healthy person. We all have the possibility to change, it starts by putting our ego aside and exposing our vulnerabilities to allow them to be changed/fixed. A true sign of maturity is accepting you are just as insecure as everyone else, you just have your own struggles and ways to deal with them. There is no magical solution to anxiety. It will take years of work and practice to slowly make it disappear but its the only way really. I hope I could at least help one person realise that you are not alone and you are not stuck in an endless vicious cycle. There are people willing to listen , understand and help you with your mental struggles. Like I said, the first step is realising what is going on. Go read about the subject! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

  • Ptrox

    new linus video: Reacting to Linus react to my PC Build TRAINWRECK!

  • Wimbwombbo

    "Debolt it" is not proper English according to linus. Bitch you say zeeeeeee instead of zed for the letter z

  • Christos Chris
    Christos Chris

    unfollow that f00l

  • Guapan Messi
    Guapan Messi

    I like Linus but that passive aggressiveness is lowkey annoying

  • XxEdgebobxX

    fellas always sayin “hi youtube” in twitch chat as if we wanna talk to them

  • deamoned329

    You have to be kidding, you don't know what you're talking about

  • Fishstix Tv
    Fishstix Tv

    Me looking over at my dope ass first PC build right now smiling after watching this took me 30 min to build lmao bios was about the same time

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    now react to linuses reaction of your reaction of his reaction to your pc build

  • tsaued

    Linus: 128gb is *alot* for a gaming streaming system Also Linus: *casually puts 2tb of ram in a computer on multiple occasions*

    • Vikram mehla
      Vikram mehla

      Yes 4 gb ram is enough for servers and 8 k editing bench

  • RockClimberGT

    at least the verge pc was builded, who laughs now?


    Next video , linus reacting to xqc reacting to linus reacting to xqc.

  • عباس ناظم عباس
    عباس ناظم عباس

    "Science BITCH"

  • Eidolon Specus
    Eidolon Specus

    Dude you need to hire a Comms Specialist. I.e. a secretary or PR guy. They could handle your emails for you way more efficiently so you wouldn't lose out on business opportunities like this.

  • Juan Pablo Barrera
    Juan Pablo Barrera

    OkayChamp 👍

  • Mad Boy
    Mad Boy

    You talk too fast you can rap maybe 🤔

  • Space Fanatic
    Space Fanatic

    I'm kind disappointed in my self for watching a reaction of a reaction but ok

  • Lansones

    Chat: Pretending LUL xQc: Okay chat, I was just pretending for content. Chat: Not pretending LUL

  • Hayam Wolfin
    Hayam Wolfin

    QxC Much love man i just build my big brother a computer with the same budget But AMD GPU AND CPU THOUGH. WAS EXITED UNBOXING SHAKING WITH THE 2.8G CARD XD XD MUCH LOVE MAN FROM THE MIDDLE EAST

  • Caleb Is Bad At PB
    Caleb Is Bad At PB

    qvc is so dumb it hurts

  • Wuije

    Great video!

  • ThanasisGamerGR

    You remind me NINJA for some reason. The range, the long hair the loud voice, all these.

  • Atreyu

    Does not even know how to like a vid lmao actual clown

    • kfrvrggr ktfdd
      kfrvrggr ktfdd

      stay mad

  • grad1

    at this point I dont even know what the f*ck felix is saying

  • Sébastien St-Pierre
    Sébastien St-Pierre

    Finalement, tu fais un bon show pour te faire remarquer!? Je me suis fait prendre!

  • elismart13

  • StarLock Prime
    StarLock Prime

    unbolting the motherboard to get the gpu to bolt in effortly is NOT nessasary and careless. You can damage your motherboard doing that.

  • Michael Henson
    Michael Henson

    The fuck does "juicer" mean?

  • Ryan h
    Ryan h

    Linus please react to this video

  • Ewais

    xqc : builds pc linus: reacts xqc : reacts linus : reacts

  • Mike Dillon
    Mike Dillon

    *linus starts an ad* Chat: WeirdChamp #AD xQc: *fake excited reaction* Chat: PogU #AD

  • Bauce

    Don't be proud of overpaying. You feed scalpers and make life harder for gamers

  • saifeddine ALOUI
    saifeddine ALOUI

    Why are you showing his sponsors !!! hhhhh

  • Anakin Chenier
    Anakin Chenier


  • Kano The Clan
    Kano The Clan

    5:24 processing

  • Axea


  • Barnabas

    this video is so wholesome and entertaining

  • NightSkyACC /\
    NightSkyACC /\


  • Gaz Vlogs
    Gaz Vlogs

    It's amazing how someone can be really good at being entertaining but also 0 IQ at the same time

  • Enis

    Its not aboutb12 screws... The fan wires go crazy! Dude... 12 screws takes longer than fan wires 🤣🤣🤣 cmon man! I laughed so much at this video, thanks for the upload haha

  • Mweh

    talk slower man, you talk so fast

  • Gerrit Rempfer
    Gerrit Rempfer

    Literally the entire twitch chat was telling him exactly what to do and then in this video he just said "I FIGURED IT OUT" and then says exactly what they said to do


    I was dying when he was was saying juicers and linus face

  • Dylan Wolff
    Dylan Wolff


  • Pokemon Buy
    Pokemon Buy

    ay man when you got bread you got bread

  • Michael P
    Michael P

    I just keep going what in the absolute fuck is going on in your head

  • IamSpacedad

    here's a good techtip: get yourself a Linus

  • David Wertz
    David Wertz

    All you had to do in your pc build to screw the gpu in was a little brute force with your hands one pushing in the back of the case and the other to move your gpu up or down to line up the holes if needed

  • Llama Dude
    Llama Dude

    DM him

  • Der Zwiebler
    Der Zwiebler


  • Chaotic Perfection
    Chaotic Perfection

    Lost to 12 screws

  • Fix

    Not too much "reacting" going on from this shrub

  • Johann Yang
    Johann Yang

    Linus is one of the only tech channels I like after Covid you should do a pc build for streamers with him

  • Cyprus Miles
    Cyprus Miles


  • christian hernandez
    christian hernandez

    Just use the 011 dynamic

  • Free vbucks
    Free vbucks

    xcq is as clueless as my grandma with pc's

  • Doctor.Giacomo

    xQcOW, you are very nice and so funny. Just subscribe to to LTT Channel, give him a like and make a nice video with LINUS!...this would be so much FUN, "Juicer"! ahahahah LOVE AND PEACE!

  • Windy Liao
    Windy Liao

    Just let the pro do it!

  • --

    The responsible art unsurprisingly delight because view fundamentally offer minus a fanatical curler. mature, wonderful feedback

  • Anaf ul
    Anaf ul

    Rebolt and unbolt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😂😂😂😃😃😁😁

  • Michael Wahlgren
    Michael Wahlgren

    No idea who you are, but I like both Linus reaction video and your reaction video to his. Please do a collab with Linus!

  • Fed Donovan
    Fed Donovan

    You and Linus should team up and do a build together

  • The EvErYthing CHANNEL
    The EvErYthing CHANNEL

    Linus *explains how gravity works* xQc: I think I’ll ignore that

  • Deonex

    It's not ego when you don't select PepeNote

  • armando david
    armando david

    Listen to Linus

  • Reverse Card
    Reverse Card

    “Dual bolt collider”

  • Garfish

    LMAO even in other people's videos Linus still manages a sponsor spot. *You cannot escape*

  • aleksander Okonek
    aleksander Okonek

    The parched network postprandially crack because gate preauricularly saw amongst a dramatic smell. green grey grieving, stingy biology

  • Cranky Guardian Gaming
    Cranky Guardian Gaming

    Phanteks P500A. Sorted

  • Adam Schneider
    Adam Schneider

    Like your speaking English, but I have almost no clue what you are saying.

    • trev

      Just figure it out

  • Logan Fox
    Logan Fox

    The X backplate you are thinking of is the cpu cooler mounting bracket I would assume

  • Bala Subramanian
    Bala Subramanian

    5:19 *visible confusion*

  • Filsdemorte

    His explanation on why he ghosted linus is kind of trashy to be honest

  • percyvael

    linus: "felix, my offer still stands, dm me" chat: dm him on stream!! xqc: "so he agrees the case was trash right?"

  • Mark

    xqc doesnt like videos, dont like his videos i guess?

  • gerv55

    Makes the verge pc build look like a pro job......


    its so funny when pc builder think there building an actual engine like a motorcycle or car lmao cmon guys so sad, so funny

  • Christopher S
    Christopher S

    Now who will make a react video to this video?

  • John Briggs
    John Briggs

    Hahaaa, nice move adjusting the motherboard to get the GPU to fit a bit better, you’ll be a pro builder soon enough 🤓👍

  • uSkeeze

    “My brain gets jammed” Can relate.

  • Nick Ross
    Nick Ross

    This was good content. Had me cracking up.

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