The Most Important Miata Modification
Weekly Dose of Automotive Stuff #56

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Videos used (in order):
Miata Goggly Eyes
Wheelchair Optimized Door Conversion
LS Swapped Cessna
Camera Man gets scared by dragster
Jetstream NA 22C Miata
Audi Launch
Subaru with a minor engine problem
Drag Racing Tank
Reason why you should clean snow off your car
3UZ Swapped Rx8
Redneck Rollercoaster
Snow Track Fiat 126p
Drivers stops the wrong guy
Mustang Spits Flames
Prius Burnout
Fiat Panda Goes to sleep
Mitsubishi Evo 9 Acceleration
Musical Road
Pikes Peak Hillclimb
Lamborghini VS Skoda

Music used:
Artist: Joakim Karud
Good Old Days
Intro Music:
Percussion by Ramol
Music promoted by Ramol Nocopyright Music
Produced by RamolPro
Video Link :
Outro Music:
Dj Quads - The Improv

  • Abi Abi
    Abi Abi

    0:46 i like this sound 5:38 sus

  • Laura Hunt
    Laura Hunt

    0:56 bro it even says music in subtitles 😂

  • Nothing’s Here
    Nothing’s Here

    Tbh the mini fiat 126 with the tracks i think it is cuter than the miata

  • simon smith
    simon smith

    0:32 "open the pod bay doors please hal"

  • Tygo Groen
    Tygo Groen

    2:40 me in crossout making whatever the hell i want.

  • Riley Barker
    Riley Barker

    The thumbnail looks like me when I wake up

  • uwantmaccas


  • HydraBomb 3.0
    HydraBomb 3.0

    Sounds like he's Jeremy Clarkson introducing a grand tour episode

  • NickelBlock78

    5:23 no clue how it can do that LMAO

  • Nicky fofo_33 2021
    Nicky fofo_33 2021

    CARRO com 👁👄👁

  • Miro Kapitanovic Urem
    Miro Kapitanovic Urem

    Man i love your videos🤩

  • Withered Bonnie
    Withered Bonnie

    3:55 cyber Russia 2077

  • Taron

    4:10 MALUCH NOT FIAT 126p >:( >:( >:(

  • Martin Plays
    Martin Plays

    Ahahah the beat lol

  • Dolora Uy
    Dolora Uy

    LOOK 2:15

  • Cameron Nurcombe
    Cameron Nurcombe

    I put a LFX in my ND

  • Andris Linder
    Andris Linder

    Mustang: you are going to be dead

  • Rage Quit
    Rage Quit

    3:55 Laughs in Mister Bean.

  • Krystian Urban
    Krystian Urban

    6:32 I get 13k Trueno PTSD

  • Cezar Amarghioalei
    Cezar Amarghioalei

    5:39 lol =)) i can drive this car in among us?

  • Ruszlán

    Hungary has a musical road too🙂

  • pigeonsplayz

    3:52 literally a mr bean fan

  • Abhishek Singhal
    Abhishek Singhal

    6:36 should have been a eurobeat musical road.

  • Keřík Ví
    Keřík Ví

    5:00 -- all your Forza credits when you buy a supercar

  • Keřík Ví
    Keřík Ví

    Yeah im So happy for that our Czechia's Octavia Is Faster than a Huracan

  • king creeper
    king creeper

    Russian rocket scientist in war be like: 2:47

  • Chlebíček 123
    Chlebíček 123

    I think Skoda (Škoda btw ) cus im czech

  • 4D 016 SZE YANG LOK
    4D 016 SZE YANG LOK

    Usually Cessna has 3021 hp in the engine

  • Falco Wings
    Falco Wings

    It looks like this: 👁👄👁

  • Stop Motion Romania
    Stop Motion Romania

    4:11 Romania

  • RecRoomRussian

    Miata googly eyes are ok teeth are just no

  • Boneless Eggs
    Boneless Eggs

    What is it with 1994 and broncos

  • Swerty

    6:32 - speedometers ticking into red...

  • The Roblox Car Reviewer
    The Roblox Car Reviewer

    5:40 AMOGUS

  • Echcrack

    2:46 me in car crushers 2 with muy rocket boosted tank

  • matt_fullbright

    4:34 the polish name must took long to write man....

  • Mxsxmune

    Lightning mcmeth

  • Kătălin

    4:11 Romaniaa 🇷🇴

  • Fabix

    And the guy when the panda flips of, Porcodio mamma mia

  • jonathan schaffer
    jonathan schaffer

    does the musical road actually play itsy bitsy spider?

  • GerritVeen5438

    2:46 Me upgrading my car in Forza Horizon:

  • Rolv_pro


  • HUZA the Protogen
    HUZA the Protogen

    America: we have the best tanks Asia: 2:48

  • Levent HD
    Levent HD

    7:34 wait thets illegal

  • Saad Nabil
    Saad Nabil

    Disney•Pixar should be proud!

  • Zach The Reaper Cat
    Zach The Reaper Cat

    0:50 DAMN, that sounds really good either way 😂

  • 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    mmmm...LS Swapped Cessna That thing will be breaking the sound barrier

  • Ripper

    Imagine your walking down the road ans seeing one of the cars from the thumbnail coming after you at 200mph

  • Ryan Malin
    Ryan Malin

    That wankel powered Lambo is now even LESS reliable than when it was factory! LOL. Yes I know he made the car from scratch, its a joke.

  • Crazy horse
    Crazy horse

    I know batshit about cars but lambos like wankelghini is really cool

  • trooper_Springhat 3
    trooper_Springhat 3

    Anyone seen Cars 2 where the Miata had eyes on the headlights and not the windshield?

  • Emil Wicklund-Larsen
    Emil Wicklund-Larsen

    3:29 is that vikkstar123


    I love how in the Subaru fear the battery is jump started

  • blackheavyblans

    0:48 engine goes blob blob blob Cutest engine I've ever head (:

  • Be amazed Cat
    Be amazed Cat

    Škoda is the best and cheap car

  • WaffleMan500

    7:35 not sure but that Skoda looks like a rebadged Holden Commodore because I know most Holden’s outside of Australia were rebadged by GM, I’m Probably wrong just they look a lot alike.

    • Krishna Sharma
      Krishna Sharma

      No no it isnt a Holden. It's a skoda Octavia i guess

  • random dood
    random dood

    6:30 to 6:33 holy

  • Alt GreenDogo
    Alt GreenDogo


  • Cordz_Gaming

    2:47 when the military is bored so tank drivers and jet pilots are bored so they help a drag racer

  • O Gameing
    O Gameing

    The Door is a LIE I SAY A LIE

  • Kaczor ZPW
    Kaczor ZPW

    Schwimmmaluch type 126

  • IgiFigi

    Polska Gurom

  • Evgeniy Kolesnik
    Evgeniy Kolesnik

    5:25 The Vape Car.

  • Zentekie

    2:45 GTA 5 when you get a mod that makes the jet car look like a tank:

  • devara main
    devara main

    Question: why do you love the miata so much?

  • Mini Trill
    Mini Trill

    Thinking about getting a miata.

  • S A M Z nL
    S A M Z nL

    Didnt knew mount akina has music road

  • Ameline Starkmanir
    Ameline Starkmanir

    MX-5’s with Google’s eyes look way too creepy

  • Faze_skyHigh1

    4:13 Romanian plate

  • Generic Man Commenting
    Generic Man Commenting

    If the misfiring system just disappeared one day, millions of cars would break down instantly in a single day

  • Cypher


  • Crazy camaro kid
    Crazy camaro kid

    2:54 russia in 2031

  • Cat Lover 4.0
    Cat Lover 4.0

    I he pinned this I will be happy

  • Mazda Miata 1996
    Mazda Miata 1996

    4:11 thats from Romania lol

  • Dominolajo

    You should show the sound od a polonez caro 1.4 rover

  • josuke higashikata
    josuke higashikata

    when you eat too much beans 2:47

  • Santiago Kasvia
    Santiago Kasvia

    5:39 when the impostor is sus 😳

  • Stk 123
    Stk 123

    bad credit for the evo ..thats BAD... its the evo from Extremes tuners from Greece who broke the world know.....

    • Stk 123
      Stk 123

      I know he has it in his descreption,but it would be nice to support the creator.



  • Franek Patrzykąt supergroch
    Franek Patrzykąt supergroch

    sorry but.. actually u just get vids from ur discord server with suggestions for weekly dose of automotive stuff and get 10k likes

  • ThetinyWolf

    It is at skoda superb

  • Magda Kurzawa
    Magda Kurzawa

    5:10 its a cobra not a mustang 1😉👍

  • Shukti Sarkar
    Shukti Sarkar


  • Shukti Sarkar
    Shukti Sarkar

    Drag racing has evolved to a certain level where people have to use JET ENGINES as their casual engine.

  • DRAGONウィて

    nobody: *Me running to home after school **6:21**:*

  • victor fortin
    victor fortin

    We neeed among us car version !!

  • Trevin Jones
    Trevin Jones

    2:49 that is just a really big firework

  • Kārlis D.
    Kārlis D.

    2:40 when the Americans hear someone found oil.

  • Kai Burns
    Kai Burns

    5:12 legit sounds so much better than warthunders gun sounds sometimes XD can i get a like from fellow warthunder players? if there are any i think im alone here on that regard

  • James king458
    James king458

    Him:u cant make a car to make music theres no such thing that a car maked music The car that actually made music:

  • Game Noobie
    Game Noobie

    We need some miatas

  • TornadoQuest

    You are honestly the best Cartuber out there besides Donut Media, Rock on my guy.

  • Benasgaming Ambrozaitis
    Benasgaming Ambrozaitis

    me: watches this vid, gets a audi, 10 seconds later flies of a cliff at 200mph

  • karl markus pärtel
    karl markus pärtel

    that audi with the whhelcaps was from estonia and i live in estonia

  • Shoa Guess the rest
    Shoa Guess the rest

    Fiat panda my first car i ever drove i drove as a 10 year old

  • Danny

    Its me!!!

  • Stachu Master
    Stachu Master

    i'm from poland and this fiat 126p was made in my country :) btw it's name is wszędołaz which means something like everygoer (he can go everywhere or enter everywhere) Edit: OMG i didn't expect two things: spanish inquisition and that you're going to highlight my comment! Thx

  • Coneco

    what is name of the music in the end

  • Jana Gutzeit
    Jana Gutzeit

    Omg i see you in roblox in daycare center